Mobile Applications 


We are expects in the design and development of mobile applications that 

generate thousands of downloads to our customers and allows them to be 

present where their customers are.

Plus Technology is mobile

We design and develop applications taking full advantage of the devices' potential and creating high impact content. We develop Apps for iOS and Android tailored to your business. As well as, we use the current standards of application development.  

Development Apps IOs

The applications that we develop for iOS can be published in a massive way in the App Store or they can be distributed in a restricted way for their exclusive use. We adapt to the different guidelines that Apple makes and we always follow the best programming and quality control practices. 

Development Android Apps

We develop native applications for Android, the world’s leading platform with more than 1 billion devices in the world and an absolute market share of over 70%. Our team has extensive experience in the development of Android applications for more than 2 years. 

We are more mobile 

We also offer you the possibility of developing Web Mobile, Hybrid and Progressives Web Apps
 for your business. We are continually updating to offer you the best mobile technology in the
world market for your business.

How do we do it?


The design of Apps is for us a high priority stage. It is the way we have to transmit to the user of the application that we think about him. Through, our UX-UI techniques we adapt our designs to the users of each mobile device.  


All our applications can be integrated into the internal information systems of your business. As well as, from your partners and more. All this information can be managed productively from the mobile App. .


We work together with our clients to develop the product incrementally, through an agile approach. Our development includes quality control activities and tests to detect errors and problems before the application is published.  


At Plus Technology, we do not share the idea of developing an App that does not have downloads. That is why we have developed a set of techniques that make it possible to increase the number of downloads. These techniques are oriented to the publication and the user experience.   

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