Improving your company with Odoo CRM

The platform organizes accounts and contacts in an accesible, real-time manner, accelerating and simplifying the sales process. 

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Know your customers and sell more 

Odoo CRM facilities communication with your customers, improving the service provided
and satisfaction levels.

Customers relationship management

Odoo CRM is one of the best systems for companies that need to carry out a good and complete sales management.

An amazing sales tool

Odoo CRM is an excellent tool to automate many actions in the sales sector. Odoo facilitates tasks such as customer tracking, promotions, summaries or reports and the possibility of creating new opportunities.


Sales funnel management 

Opportunities management

Real time information

Sales flow

Payment process

Schedule of activities 

Creation of notices for customers

Customers' management

Odoo offersone of the best enterprise application ecosystem
 Everything you need in a single solution



  Odoo saves you time, space and makes your day much more productive with Odoo tools.


Your potencial customers should receive the best attention. Odoo CRM helps you deliver it easily and effectively.


  Odoo saves you time, space and makes your day much more productive with Odoo tools.

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With Odoo HRP manage your human resources needs effectively.

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Create courses, publish tutorials or disseminate important information. 
Time to learn! 

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Edit, publish and monitor your products. All with Odoo tools that make everything easy for your business and customers 

50,000 compaines use Odoo to grow their business.

Make up your mind and transform your business