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Manage Human Resource Planning

Odoo HRP offers all the modern functions your company needs to manage and get the most out of your human resources: recruitment, expenses, vacations, attendance control, evaluation, onboarding and offboarding...

Time and attendance

Weekly or monthly timesheets with option to record attendance.

Keep track of the hours worked by your employees and classify them by project, client or task.

The human resources of a company are nothing more than all the people that make it up and perform the tasks that seek to fulfill each of its objectives.

With Odoo HRP you can manage tasks like: 






With Odoo the evaluation of employees is easier

Easily set up your evaluation process and schedule. Design form-based questionnaires to receive feedback from all members of the company, from employees to managers, as well as their self-evaluations.

New talents


Monitor and manage your candidate pipeline and integrate Odoo's survey app to create evaluation questionnaires that are associated with each candidate's record. 


If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.

Odoo offers one of the best enterprise applications ecosystem 
Everything you need in one single solution



Odoo saves you time, space and makes your day much more productive with Odoo tools.


Your potencial customers should receive the best attention. Odoo CRM helps you deliver it easily and effectively.


Odoo saves you time, space and makes your day much more productive with Odoo tools.

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With Odoo HRP manage your human resources needs effectively.

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Create courses, publish tutorials or disseminate important information. 
Time to learn! 

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Edit, publish and monitor your products. All with Odoo tools that make everything easy for your business and customers. 

50,000 companies use Odoo to grow their business.

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