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Virtual learning 

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Odoo eLearning is the perfect learning management system to enable community study,
knowledge sharing.

Intuitive environment 

Odoo provides you an ideal page where students can view their profile, courses, progress and where they can contact other students. Videos, web pages or presentations, all at their fingertips from their laptop or mobile device.


Having finished and worked on the content of the courses to share your knowledge, it is ready to be published. Select your courses, price them and make the necessary settings in a simple and elegant way.  


Test participants' knowledge with questions. Awarding points and rewards, and make course progress visible to keep your students motivated. 

Attractive content

Videos, web pages, web, presentations, documents, for any devices.

Fast edition

Creation of pages with infographics and animations.

Learn at your own pace

Gruop the lessons and show the participants their progress.


Measure participation, give feedback and view revenue reports.

Questionnaires and reviews

Check how well your students learn and you can see the reviews.


Scores advanced tests and observes attemps to achieve success.

Real-time information 

With Odoo eLearning you will find the perfect way to get information about your courses, learner performance and revenue generated.

Odoo offers one of the best ecosystem for enterprise applications
Everything you need inone single solution



Odoo saves you time, space and makes your day much more productive with Odoo tools


Your potencial customers should receive the best attention. Odoo CRM helps you deliver it easily and effectively.


Odoo saves you time, space and makes your day much more productive with Odoo tools

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With Odoo HRP manage your human resources needs effectively

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Create courses, publish tutorials or disseminate important information.
Time to learn! 

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Edit, publish and monitor your products. All with Odoo tools that make everything easy for your business and customers 

50,000 companies use Odoo to grow their business.

Make up your mind and transform your business