Social Media

We are professionals in Social Media, specialized in positioning campaigns 

through social networks. To do this, we make your presence on the Internet not 

only look good, but sell well. 

Generate engagement 

Behind a brand there is a team of people who manage it but it is that, behind a follower or a fan, there is also a person. Social networks go from that, from relationships between people and to that, we call it engagement. The higher the engagement, the more commitment users show to your brand.    

We are Social Media

We have experience in account management in different social networks, oriented to both B2C and B2B campaigns. We work indistinctly with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin.. And we have been working with streaming channels like Facebook and Instagram Live for some time now. 

We create loyalty links with your 


At Plus Technology we believe that creating all companies should generate an emotional commitment

between brand-public and vice versa. Developing a good product and high quality is not enough for us.

Our commitment is also to establish emotional ties with the public through an authentic communication. 

comunicación auténtica  y genuina .



The true reason for being in the Social Environment is sharing, not publishing. Where the content generates value and can be shared.  


Social Networks help us to position ourselves, thus achieving that they find us more easily in the search engines.  


Our position in Social Media helps us generate more noise to create conversation with our followers.  


Social Media is like a large shopping center open all year, where we can have our stand open for those who want it.


It allows us to improve the relationship with customers, connect with new ones, and most importantly, attend them personally and build loyalty.  


Social Media allows us a greater knowledge of the client: tastes, segmentation, habits, dreams. So offer them personalized content.  

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