Take control of your production with Odoo MRP

Improve your company's competitiveness and profitability.

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Odoo MRP 

Forget about manual inventories and save production time
with Odoo MRP.

Increase the profitability of your business

Increases sales
Through product quality and agility for delivery. 


Reduce costs
With defect reduction and operational efficiency. 


Reduce expenses
Increase efficiency in support processes.    


Reduce investment

Optimize inventories
Eliminate obsolete, slow moving and lean manufacturing 


Accounts receivable 
Timely information, alerts and automated customer reminders.


Fixed assets
Good maintenance and taking advantage of installed capacity.    



Why choose MRP of Odoo?

This system facilities the management of logistics processes, manufacturing, warehousing, quality and more.

Benefits of having Odoo MRP

  Product stock control.

  Production planning based on actual data and sales forecasts.  

  Gestión de lista de materiales.

    Production and maintenance time planning.

  Production order management. 

Odoo offers one of the best enterprise application ecosystem 
Everything you need in a single solution



Odoo saves you time, space and makes your day much more productive with Odoo tools


Your potencial customers should receive the best attention. Odoo CRM helps you deliver it easily and effectively.


Odoo saves you time, space and makes your day much more productive with Odoo tools

people doing office works


With Odoo HRP manage your human resources needs effectively.

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Create courses, publish tutorials or disseminate important information. 
Time to learn! 

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Edit, publish and monitor your products. All with Odoo tools that make everything easy for your business and customers 

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