About us

Welcome to Plus Technology

We are a team of professionals commited from the first day to achieve the best 

results for your businness. 

Who we are

We are a team of passionate professionals, whose objectives become the point of view of the most trusted and preferred IT solutions for Startups, SMEs, Companies and Institutions through leadership in innovation and technology.

Our mission

At Plus Technology Solutions, we strive to excel in the invention and development of the most advanced technologies in the industry, including mobile applications, web, E-Commerce, multiplatform, on demand.  

What do we do

We build excellent products to solve business problems. Our products are designed for small, medium and large companies that want to optimize their performance.  

Our history

Plus Technology Solutions is a Peruvian company founded in 2016, in all our years of experience we have developed different technological solutions for public and private institutions, which has allowed us to gain experience, to provide high quality products to our customers .

Our 6-D process



This first stage helps us to know and identify the objectives of your project. Through workshops, we will begin to work together to conceptualize the project.



Once the objectives have been identified, we proceed to define the scope, the team and our Sprints under the Agile methodology. We create an atmosphere of collaboration among all the participants.  



We take care of a good design of your project, with the purpose that it can be easily scalable and allows modifications to be made with the minimum possible change.



Our team of developers, will be responsible for giving your project the functionalities designed. At the same time, we are delivering functionalities according to our Sprint Planning.



After having certified 100% of the functionalities, our team will focus on deploying and guaranteeing your optimal functioning in the environments of your business or in the cloud.  



In this last stage, our team is responsible for carrying out the entire knowledge transfer of the project. Likewise, we strengthen our ties for the maintenance and support of it.

Why choose Plus Technology? 

Better design quality

Our experience has helped us to certify that a good design is the key to scale projects over time. That is why we emphasize a lot in this. 

All our projects are challenges for us, where innovation predominates. This is for the purpose of helping your business to exceed the objectives set. 

Each project of our clients, we take as our projects. In this way, we dedicate 100% to it to apply the best of our experience in your project. 

From the beginning Plus Technology has been Agile and we believe that collaboration between teams is the key to the success of projects. For this, we have well-defined roles and ready to work on your project. 

Our collaborators are professionals who are in constant training with the latest technologies in the market. To do this, we created an environment of synergy and collaboration among all. 


Contact us to start a project together

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